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For the love of tacos


Mexican Tacos de Guisado

Mexican Tacos de Guisado, know as tacos varios in northern Mexico, are a MUST at friend and family gatherings. Tacos de guisado include a wide variety of delicious stews that are classic in Mexican cuisine, including chicken tinga, chicharron in green sauce, creamy Poblano chile strips, and chorizo hash. They are usually served with beans and red rice so that each person can make their own tacos with their favorite stews.

The Authentic
Mexican Taste

Guisados are comida casera- home- style dishes-, everything from stews to stir- fries to fritters. Every busy corner has at least a couple street stands in Mexico City. And tacos de guisado are one of the most popular types of taco stands. They're breakfast and lunch tacos. 

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